IP Phone 2004

Nortel Networks Internet Telephones High - Performance Voice over IP (VoIP) Solutions

Now you can enjoy the next-generation features of VoIP, plus all of the carrier-class reliability and ease-of-use of a traditional telephone. Nortel Networks offers two superior desktop models, along with an innovative software-based solution that brings VoIP to your desktop PC or laptop.

Whether you choose a full-featured desktop Internet telephone or prefer the comfort and convenience offered by our software-based Internet telephone, Nortel Networks has the right solution for you. The Internet telephones operate seamlessly across our entire range of IP-enabled platforms, offering a complete, full featured VoIP solution unmatched by any other vendor in the industry.

The three Nortel Networks Internet telephones include:

• i2002 Internet Telephone Designed for office professionals and technical specialists, this multi-line phone offers an integrated LCD display screen and is well-suited for moderate call volumes.

• i2004 Internet Telephone Ideal for managers, executives, and office administrators, this multi-line phone features a large LCD display screen capable of displaying a maximum amount of information, and is well-suited for high call volumes.

• i2050 Software Phone Created for a broad range of workplaces and mobile users, this software-based solution transforms your laptop or desktop PC into a converged voice/data communications platform.

The Nortel Networks Internet telephones provide support for a wide range of today’s high-value eBusiness applications, including CallPilot* Unified Messaging and Symposium* Call Center services. This rich, future-proof feature set will evolve to support advanced services such as voice-activated dialing and corporate and personal directory services.

In addition, VoIP reduces costs by putting voice signals on standard network cabling, as opposed to having a separate cabling system dedicated to voice. By eliminating the need for separate wiring to support voice and data transmission, customers can capitalize on the cost economies provided by a simplified wiring system within the enterprise.