M2216 Telephone

M2216 ACD Telephone

The M2216 ACD digital telphone is designed for the specialized requirements of agents and supervisors in the call center environment. The M2216 ACD telephone can be customized for a variety of call center configurations to enable agents and supervisors to provide callers with a high level of customer service in the most effective and efficient way possible.


The M2216 ACD set includes a standard built-in 2-line x 24 character alphanumeric display that provides vital incoming call information required by agents for customized greetings. Dual headset jacks enable supervisors to train and monitor agents' performance while they are online with a caller.

Feature Highlights

The digital telephone designed specifically for the call center environment 
16 Programmable line/feature keys 
Dual handset/headsets jacks 
Built-in Display for call related statistics